About Us

When we first started our blog LearnAboutJapan.com the only thing we wanted was to write about what we liked, however since our early beginnings we have kept the same style but also upgraded our articles to give you essential information when traveling to as well as in Japan.

For us, it was very important to investigate every aspect we write about, so as not to fall into common place and clich├ęs of same old same old travel story stuff. In fact, the continuation of our style of blogging has come about by our love of living and travel in Japan. Our specific university training and studies related to Japan and East Asia, has given us more tools to keep doing things better and better.

We started writing about culture, literature and various aspects of Japanese society that interested us. Little by little we added travel content, maps of destinations and much more. And so, today, whether you want to learn more about Japanese culture or if you want to prepare a trip to Japan, you can find a good deal of what you need right here.