One of the biggest concerns when we travel to Japan is to get sick and have to go to the doctor or hospital. We have already talked briefly about what to do in case of illness or accident in our post about what to do in case of emergency situations in Japan. But many of you have specifically asked us what to do if you need to go to the doctor or hospital in Japan ; and you have also asked us about the functioning of health in Japan. Therefore, we want to tell you here a few short strokes on health in Japan as well as the importance of taking out travel insurance for Japan.

Travel insurance to Japan

In fact, over the years we have received private messages from people who, on a trip to Japan, have needed medical attention and have contacted us for advice or for help. It does not surprise us because, in a situation like this, we are all looking for someone close and that helps us to be possible in our language.

Naturally we answer you all with all the love and speed we can, but what we can do is limited. That is why we always repeat how important it is to have travel insurance to travel to Japan. In fact, it is one of our basic tips for traveling to Japan.

And if we do not want to go crazy between medical bills, we will need travel insurance yes or yes. And because we are tourists we are not residents in Japan; Therefore, we do not have national health insurance or social or business insurance, which we will talk about later. And what happens then if something happens to us? What we have to pay And much, as we will tell you now.

But in addition to diseases, when we leave home to travel, other inconveniences can also occur. Who has not sometimes suffered delays or cancellations on flights, or who has not suffered the loss of a suitcase… Or we can even, even by accident, cause some damage to third parties. There are a lot of things that can happen (although hopefully nothing happens, of course!) And travel insurance can help us deal with all of them.

Otsuka, Tokyo

Therefore, we always recommend traveling with good travel insurance, which is also what we do. But in the case of Japan, a country so far away and with a language that can often be an important barrier, even more so. Because good travel insurance will include, in addition to coverage for all these cases, an interpreter to help you use insurance at destination, if needed. This is something that we should look at, because it can be a great peace of mind in case of complications.