One of the concerns we usually have when we travel is where are we going to eat? What are we going to eat? And when we consider a trip to Japan, more if possible, because we tend to think that everything will be raw fish and that we will not be able to eat anything. But don’t worry, we have prepared here a compilation of ideas about what to eat in Japan and, of course, where to eat it.

Eating in Japan is usually cheap, rich and with a very varied offer. Naturally you have high-end restaurants, Tokyo is not the city with the most Michelin stars, but in this section we are going to talk especially about the cheaper options that, as tourists, solve our lives on many occasions – and they will help us not finish in a McDonald’s or similar, although considering that there we have a hamburger with teriyaki sauce, the same until we feel like it.

Cafes and Theme Restaruants

In Japan there are coffee shops and patisseries where you can have a drink in every corner. Whether they are typical Japanese stores (called kissa or kissaten ) or chains with French, Austrian or German pastries, there are many options to sit down and have a drink and rest from so much tourism.

The Shiro-Hige pastry and cafeteria is famous for its cream pumps or Totoro cupcakes.

  • The patisseries Chat Noir (シャ·ノワール) and Chateraise (シャトレーゼ) are specialized in cakes shaped kitten A cute!
  • Kobe Motomachi Bakery Popo bakery  specializes in meron pan … delicious!
  • Several bakeries and patisseries throughout Japan that still serve the famous tanuki cakes or tanuki- shaped cupcakes.

As for themed restaurants, you can take a look at this post on Tokyo themed restaurants… there is everything from robot restaurants to ninjas or prison hospitals.

In addition, out of the ‘usual’, it is worth mentioning the  maid cafes  or cafeterias of maids and the  shitsuji kissa or butler cafes within a huge list of thematic restaurants where we also find neko cafe and other cafes with little animals, the restaurant of robots or dozens of themed restaurants dedicated to zombies, ninjas, samurai, various video games, trains and railways… there is plenty to choose from!

But a separate section deserve kawaii coffee shops. The problem? That the vast majority appear as pop-up for a limited time, but hey, we leave you a list of those that we have been knowing so you can see the creativity of their dishes, at least.

It is clear that there is a ‘surprise’ factor, a ‘discovery’ factor and a ‘luck’ factor when you travel and look for a place to eat (if you have not planned before, of course). And that is very good. But when we want to know at least some of the options we have available, I think lists like these can help us be more attentive and get to know restaurants better when we see them on our way.

We leave many other options, which we will gradually add in this entry. But also surely there are many other many options that we do not know… and surely in your trips you have discovered real gems, so if you let us know (you can share the information in the comments) we will include them in the lists;)