Many tourists who travel to Japan do not consider  what to see and do in Osaka because they basically dismiss the city as a tourist center, and Kyoto throws a lot when visiting the Kansai region.

However, Osaka is the third largest city in Japan (behind Tokyo and Yokohama) and the main one in the Kansai region, as well as one of the country’s most important ports and industrial centers, so it is worth visiting to enjoy its people (much more direct and noisy than that of other towns and cities of Japan) and their food (the osakenses are crazy about good food), and realize how different it is from the rest of Japanese cities… We will enjoy, safe.

What to see and do in Osaka

The million dollar question, how many days to tell Osaka, here is a more or less easy answer. While it is true that everything depends on our personal interests and the time available on our trip to Japan, which is why we always recommend reading these guides and researching a bit before closing our itinerary, in the case of Osaka deciding a minimum of days It is not as conflictive as with Tokyo or Kyoto, for example.

In order to enjoy the essentials of Osaka on a first visit, we believe that with a  minimum of 1 day  is enough, although if we have an extra day (or an afternoon) to finish enjoying the city and its meals, better than better. In one day we will not be able to visit everything, we probably cannot reach the Osaka Bay area and much less visit the Universal Studios Japan amusement park, but we can visit the city center, some of the highlights and eat Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki until we get bored. Everything will depend on how we organize the day, which is why we also encourage you to look at our walking tours and itineraries through Osaka.

Travel with Children 

Osaka is a perfect city to travel with children. Some areas of the city, such as Shinsekai or even Dotombori, sometimes seem almost a theme park, with striking decorations on the facades of restaurants and lots of street food to taste here and there.

Where to Eat in Osaka 

Osaka is the Kuidaore expression, which we would literally translate as ‘eating until it is ruined’, so as you can imagine, in Osaka you eat a lot. And he eats well. Here we can always find an izakaya or an open street stall to enjoy eating Kaonomi- style okonomiyaki, takoyaki, kushikatsu and many other local specialties.