Japan is a country of contrasts in which the four seasons of the year are very marked. Each season is very worthwhile, but today we want to give our 8 reasons to travel to Japan in spring and tell you many other things to consider if you travel to Japan in spring.

There are many who deny the  infernal heat of summer and the horrible cold of Japanese winter, which is why autumn, with the color of red leaves and spring, with the bursting of cherry blossoms, are probably the most popular times for Visit the Japanese country. But of course, they are also the most expensive times and with more influx of domestic and foreign tourists, everything is said.

Our reasons for traveling to Japan in spring

In spring, temperatures are pleasant and we can enjoy nature in all its splendor, especially as we have already said in regards to the beauty of the cherry blossom.

But there are many more reasons to travel to Japan in spring; We tell you what our 8 reasons are, in case you are finishing deciding when planning your trip.

Flowers and more flowers

But not only sakura lives the tourist in Japan in spring. Because yes, the cherry blossom is beautiful but also ephemeral as we say. And Japan in spring offers us much more, a burst of flowers and colors that will make visits to certain parks, temples and shrines spectacular.

A little before the flowering of the cherry trees, in March, we can enjoy the flowering of the plum tree and just after we can enjoy the explosion of colors of rapeseeds, peaches, dandelions, carobs, azaleas, wisteria and shiba-zakura that, at Despite the misleading name, they have nothing to do with the cherry blossom.

Good Temperatures 

Obviously it will depend on where we are, but the central area of ​​Honshu offers very pleasant temperatures during the spring, which is a compelling reason to travel to Japan in the spring if we want to make the most of the day and visit without stopping, without fear of dying of cold or roast of heat.

While it is true that in spring we will need a jacket (more or less thick depending on the area and the month), the central hours of the day are pleasant, with warm temperatures and bright sun, which will make us really want to enjoy the parks of the country.

Spring festivals

During the spring there are several interesting sea festivals in Japan, which you can find mentioned in the different monthly entries of festivals and festivals in Japan.

To highlight some, perhaps we could mention the famous phallic festival of Kawasaki, the beautiful festival of Takayama (which allows us to enjoy the beauty of the city of Takayama and taste good meat of Hida, all told, and see large parades of floats and people dressed in clothes and makeup and wigs of the Japanese past) or the Mifune Matsuri of Arashiyama in which scenes from over a thousand years ago are depicted.

But we cannot forget several festivals dedicated to the azaleas in temples and sanctuaries throughout the country (such as Tsutsuji Matsuri in the Nezu sanctuary in Tokyo), the Shiba-zakura Matsuri festival in Kawaguchiko, which celebrates the flowering of Shiba-zakura with Mount Fuji in the background, in addition to public performances of theater nō in Nara on May 11 and 12.